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Legal Cannabis Dispensaries & Learning from Traditional Retail

cannabis ticketThe explosion in the number of legal cannabis dispensaries opening up in the US can clearly be attributed to the number of states that are making medical or medical & recreational products legal for sale to the public. There are now over 35 states where it is now legal to sell cannabis-based products under strict controls passed at state and even county levels. The reach and scope of these rules varies from state to state but as legislation is passing through government at a federal level making the law more open to allowing funding of the whole industry, questions are being asked about “what retail dispensaries can learn from traditional bricks and mortar retail”.

Watch our podcast where we talk about our products that we develop and manufacture and how we can leverage our experience in General Retail into Cannabis Retail through partners.
We can supply the technology and they can supply the market-specific knowledge to take these flexible solutions and deliver industry-specific entry level labeling solutions for standalone stores through to multi-store, integrated labeling solutions able to meet the industry requirements as it expands and develops.

Read our "How to implement a flexible pricing & labelling strategy to maximise sales in cannabis dispensaries" white paper.

Medical Cannabis LabelThe COVID pandemic in 2020 certainly accelerated and encouraged both B&M retailers and dispensaries to start implementing additional touchpoints with their customers. Online ordering and delivery services have already been implemented where state and county legislation allow for it, but what does that mean in the longer term for those owning and managing dispensaries in their traditional retail-based format?

Already analysts of traditional retail are suggesting that dispensary owners need to start thinking about and utilizing the principals of Omnichannel retail…… giving the customer the same quality of experience no matter where they interact to buy their products.

Cannabis Product LabelAt CloudBox and Electrone (Formerly 4Court Solutions), we have long believed that our solutions offer the flexibility and functionality that a whole range of market sectors require. They have been proven and installed in a cost-effective package that provides a complete solution tailored to each individual customer needs.

During 2020/21 we have carried out a number of market research activities across a number of industry sectors and published a number of white papers for customers, partners and retailers to take advantage of Post-COVID. Below is a link to what we developed around having a labeling strategy in-store no matter the industry you are in.