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Electrone has leveraged its experience in working with Zebra and other label and receipt printer manufacturers and now offers its customers and partners a range of PrintPads and the PrintBox which combine with a range of printers. Desktop and Mobile, Receipt and Label printers, to offer a number of sectors a very cost-effective range of printing solutions. Electrone is now offering a range of label printing solutions based on their standard PrintPad hardware and using the PRiNTWORX (Lite) software applications that deliver a wide range of flexible functionality. This could be a Standalone Solution, locally Networked or based on a Cloud architecture. Both the 970/5 PrintPads and PrintBox can now utilise a FULL SQL Database environment for complex and search-hungry printing environment.

Electrone/CloudBox still continue to offer their solutions in a range of options to suit their customers and partners. With the release of the PrintBox, it will be supplied as a combination of Hardware and the PRiNTWORX Software. It will be licensed as a single user or multi-user solution delivering a flexible and robust Label, Receipt and Ticket Printing Platform. 

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Option 1 – PrintPad Hardware Only

950 KeypadsFor the customer or partner that wants the flexibility and control associated with developing their own printing applications, Electrone will offer the 950, 960 and 970 PrintPads as a harware-only solution which include the standard hardware command set that is common across all 3 platforms. This will allow applications to be written by the partner or customer and placed on either the printer (Zebra ZBI) or on the keypad (C etc.) and which will control the interaction with the screen, keys, printer and label templates/formats. The requirement for where to place the application will dictate which keypad models can be utilized.


Option 2 – Complete “Out-The-Box” Solution

An “out-the-box” stand alone or networked label printing solution for in-store pricing and price markdown has been developed specifically for our PrintPad hardware.

Available on both the 960 & 970 keypads, the solution consists of the PrintPad already loaded with the application software that is compatible with a range of ZPL-enabled label printer with a USB connection and 10 standard label templates plus a starter pack of the 5 label types required to produce labels for any of the 10 standard templates/formats. This software also handles multiple currencies to suit most regions, making it the perfect solution regardless of location.

If customisation, other currencies, changes or additions are required at any point, the standard application can be upgraded and label formats added or adjusted at an additional cost.

This solution has been tested with Zebra, SNBC/Orient and Bixolon ZPL-compatible label printers.


Option 3 – PrintPad Application & PC Label Designer App

Recognising the need for some partners and customers wanting to be able to develop their own label formats without having to have the expertise in-house to write application software, Electrone has designed their standard PrintPad application to be able to utilise a windows-based label design application that works in conjunction with the standard label printing application on the 960/970 PrintPad. This will allow the partner or customer to develop label templates using the PC Application and then download them to the PrintPad for on-going label production.

The ability to load ZPL-based templates designed using industry standard label design applications is now included in the standard application in a limited format. Please Contact Us for more information.

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