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Consistency is how
customers remember you.

The Omni-Channel is a
multi-approach to sales; it aims
to provide the customer with a
seamless shopping experience,
whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile
device, by telephone or in a
bricks and mortar store.

 Whilst the list of UK/International retailers who have implemented a solution for printing
pricing labels in-store is impressive, the question has to be asked -

"Why would a retailer implement such a solution?

Potential Key Benefits to ANY Retailer:

  • Achieve Cost savings Over Historical Approach
  • Save Staff Time on Pricing Function
    • More Time Engaging With Customers
  • Better Store & Brand Image
    • Consistency Across Sales Channels
  • Simplicity & Clarity Of Pricing: Greater Closure Rate
  • Single Channel Approach To Customers – Deloittes
  • Fewer Pricing Mistakes So Less “Lost” Revenue & Fewer POS Over-rides
  • Analysts Research Suggests it’s a prerequisite for the “Mobile Shopper”
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Label printing made easy.

Electrone have a range of
label printing solutions that encompass
recognized techologies to slide into place
alongside your current system - whether it
be USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or hard-wired.

Our systems are trusted and used by great
names such as Superdry, Nike and the

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The Body Shop - Before and After

The Body Shop - BeforeThe Body Shop - After

Ann Summers - Before and After

Ann Summers - BeforeAnn Summers - After

“Navigating the New Digital Divide” Deloitte report 29th May 2015 states, “In a world where nearly everyone is always online, there is no offline, So it is not about the digital business, it is just business. It’s not about eCommerce, it is simply commerce. The consumer expectation is that retailers will take care of them regardless [of the channel].

Electrone carried out market research in the US in the state of Florida and found plenty of evidence amongst all level of retailers to support the premise that in-store pricing and clear pricing policies are not as evident as they should be and clearly do not match the quality of the online presence of the retailers visited.

Typical Examples identified where in-store presentation is less than perfect.

Poor Presentation 1 - How Not to Implement Labelling Poor Presentation 2 - How Not to Implement Labelling Poor Presentation 3 - How Not to Implement Labelling Poor Presentation 4 - How Not to Implement Labelling

All Images taken in Orlando May’15

Getting in-store pricing correct and clear now seems to be more important than ever in the retail sectors.

How NOT to Implement Price Labeling in the “Outlet” Sector:

How Not to Implement Labelling - New Price Not Visible How Not to Implement Labelling - Same Product, Different Prices How Not to Implement Labelling - Hand Written Price
New price not visible Same product, different prices Hand written price


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